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How We Stand Out

Since 1997, the team at Ludeman Capital Management has served clients all over the country as fiduciaries – before "fiduciary advisors" became as common as they are today in the financial services industry. We are proud to serve pre-retirement and post-retirement professionals and business owners who are looking for guidance with their long-term wealth planning and investment management needs. Our small team also allows us to give our clients all of the attention and care that they deserve. You aren’t just a number at Ludeman Capital Management – you’re a respected friend.

As independent professionals, we have the ability to tailor solutions directly to the needs of our clients. We are answerable and responsive solely to our clients and their individual needs; we’re proud to offer more flexibility because we have less bureaucracy. Our extensive experience combined with our team’s relative youth allows us the unique opportunity to offer our clients decades of future service, all in the same good and capable hands.

As our long-time clients have moved locations over the years, we’ve worked hard to maintain those valued relationships, and consequently, we are proud to offer top-tier accessibility to all of our clients. We are available for in-person meetings across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Arizona, and Hawaii – just feel free to contact us and let us know where you’re located so we can make appropriate arrangements.

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